The Dream Machine is powered by TiddlyWiki 5 and is the basis for many things that I am creating.  The reason I enjoy TiddlyWiki is that it is an amazingly straight forward and fast way to get your thoughts down.  It is a Wiki that is self contained and as such can be used for almost anything.

I have created several Dream Machines powered by TiddlyWiki for different topics from EQ Learning with GaryVee to my Live 5 Minute Show and all the way back to my original Legacy Project.  It is a FUN Ride using a Dream Machine you should pick one up today, heheh.  All of the below sites can be copied, modified, re-posted, and are yours to do with as you see fit.

5 Live – This is my show I do live for 5 minutes at a time.  Anytime, Any Place, Anything, the rule is just 5 Minutes Live.  Oh and I break that 5 Minute Rule all the time check out 006 – 5 Live – Meta Technical Difficulties for a great Example of That,  8:16 for a 5 Minute SHOW ahh come on that isn’t even close, heheh.

GaryVee 301+– This is my self EQ Program.  As Time Goes by it will be better and better.  It is designed for anyone that wants to use it to download it and use it themselves.  Thanks Gary Vaynerchuk even if you do scare the crap out of me.

TiddlyWiki Hangouts – This page was created before I found Mario and Tobias had almost all of the hangouts annotated.  So I asked for permission to add their data to mine.  The site uses links to allow you to jump directly to a topic on the YouTube Video.  I stopped developing this after about 6 months because it became too technical for me.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the topic I just got too deep into a subject I was not understanding.  I hope that someone finds the information useful and runs with this project as I think it is a very useful one.

LegacyCd Virtual – Released to Alpha on 5-5-15 Ten years after the original LegacyCd was released.  The original concept has been carried over to the internet.  A single item you can grab and carry with you that will have enough lessons on it that you can learn Contact Juggling and start your Flow Journey.

5 Steps to Learn TiddlyWiki – My attempt to help NOOBS learn TiddlyWiki.  It is a bit heavy handed and probably would be better served with a Video, quick links to the video.  I should call the video “5 Steps to TW5”.  Then link to a dedicated TiddlyWiki of the same name and then update the data and create new videos based on what I learn.


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