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I have 183 comments in my spam comment folder.  I have 5 subscribers the last time I checked, and I just checked.  This post is my answer to how I am going to flip that 5 upside down and make a number that no one really knows what it is.

Upside Down 5 – My new Goal for Subscribers

Here is an example of the 183 Spam Comments I currently have for my blog.

I do not even understand how I stopped up here, but I believed this submit used to be good. I do not recognise who you’re but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger should you aren’t already.

Seriously I thought I had Mad Phat Engliz Skillz but I am clearly NO Master as this Spam Commenter is Off the Chain compared to my Richism’s.  I had to read the Spam Comment 3 times 5 different ways.  Honestly I still no really understandy it.  I do understand the goal which is to have you like their comment so much that you post it.  That way the link(which is an AD) that they embedded in their name will appear on your website. When you click the person’s name to see their blog, as clearly they are amazing to have written such nice things about you, then you get an AD.  The best part of the whole thing is that when you click the AD, which I clearly did, the AD is in a foreign language,  hilariously AWESOME!!!

I digress the reason I bring these things up is I have decided to start a Blog Mafia.  Ahhh what?  a Blog Mafia or Blog Familia Mafia



Bill F’N Murray

Blog Familia Mafia – BFM (search those letters on the NET and you get BILL F’N MURRAY(NSFW link) where F’N is spelled out, that is why it is a NSFW link. AND HONESTLY BILL F’N MURRAY!!!

MY BFM(Blog Familia Mafia) is a Familia of Bloggers on the Interweb.  Real People doing Real Things and Blogging about these Real Things, #heheh. Of course here is what the SpamBots are already saying about my amazing blog

well-known blogger should you aren’t already.


Now we need to break bread as a Blog Familia Mafia.

Here is an Old Family Recipe that I am sharing with my new Blog Familia Mafia

The Godfather

My Father passed this recipe down to me when I was a kid.  He acquired it from Francis Ford Coppola who gave it out during the Godfather movie in 1975.

My Dad didn’t get it directly from Mr. Ford Coppola, luckily for me(and now you) he found it in a Philadelphia Inquirer Article – A Fitting Recipe For ‘Godfather’ By Desmond Ryan, Inquirer Movie Critic.      It is the most Amazing Sauce you will ever have, or at least to me it is.  I make it slightly differently than the recipe I link too.  So, I will need to create a video when I make the recipe to show you exactly how I do it.  Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when the video for the sauce comes out.

Who can join the BFM?

Green Dragon
Title Green Dragon – No Idea what this has to do with joining I just like it.
Anyone with a Blog can join so reach out to me and let me know you are interested.

Real People would be helpful, SpamBots and the people that run them

please do not your replying do I need unless you have already in the doing.


(really I have no idea what my engliz skillz are up to today.  Oh yeah Spam Comments Skillz)

BFM wants to know some Answers

Why did you start your Blog?

I created my blog to say stuff I wanted to be sayin’.  Even if my engliz is skillztastic (meaning horrible).  This way I can say things even if what I am sayin’ is unreadable, I still be sayin’ it.  Also with a blog I can have pictures, sounds, videos, and links for all my words too.

Why don’t you just post your blogs directly on Social Media sites like FB and the G+?

1. Control and usage.

I can say what I want, show what I want, and I won’t be banned as it is my spot to do what I want, as long as I don’t break any laws  😉 On Social Media sites you can be banned for not using your real name.  For some reason I don’t think that will be an issue with my stuff at

2. One Site for it all (I was going to put rule them all but SErIoUsLY way to LOTR).

One Ring to Rule them ALL!!!

This way you go to one place and it is a hub of my stuff starting with the Blog, then you can see my Pictures, and then onto social media places for videos and other socially dun pictures and stuffs. Yes my engliz is no goodsky. And if FB tries to add grammer (I can’t even spell it right grammar) I would be donesky unless I had my own blog spot, #heheh

3. How else do you create a virtual familia to break bread with.

My virtual familia the Blog Familia Mafia  allows me to break bread each blog post and have conversations I would not have had otherwise. It is like a dinner party with family from around the world.

4. Shoes

As a Shumaker having a Blog Familia Mafia allows more shoe coverage. And really at the end of the day what is it all about anyway. Some Spheres and Some Shoes. Oh and you can’t forget the Handbags and the Hats, #heheh

What do I want for the Blog Familia Mafia?

I want real people to read and enjoy my blog and comment on what they read, not the SpamBots. I also want to read other peoples real blogs and that way we can discuss things we bring up together with our social circles.

And now some SHOES!!!

This Week we are going to celebrate a celebrity that never ceases to amaze when it comes to shoes.  Even when she takes a day off she is still more ON that most people will ever be.

Whoopi Goldberg

In the Closet with Whoopi Goldberg – AMAZING SHOES!!!

Her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week was no exception. She not only had amazing shoes on she also showed off her NEW SOCKS. And as if that was not enough she also talked about her cover photo on an amazing magazine called Shoeholics.  I need this magazine!!!

Whoopi Goldberg on Jimmy Fallon.

So I ask you my reader

Do you have a family recipe?  And where did it really come from?? #heheh

Have you ever written a blog that was public?  What about a private one?  Did your private blog become public somehow?

Do you have a journal or other way for you to keep track of what happens in your life?  Photo Journal, a VLOG, or maybe an Instagram?!?

Thanks for reading my post.  Don’t forget to share it with your Friends and Frenemies.

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Be Awesome, Make Awesome, Watch Awesome, You Are Awesome. Find that inner SuperHero and Fly with it (or whatever your Super Power is).

Rich Shumaker

What is Destructive and Disruptive Technology UP TO

Destructive technology simply put is when a new technology comes along and destroys an old one. One example that is very Amish is when cars displaced horses as the main source of travel.

The iPod not only destroyed the Walkman it also destroyed the established record companies distribution methods.

iPod’s from Small to Large for the current lineup

Who sells the most digital music? Is it a record company, nope, it is a company that sold computers and electronics before they got into digital music distribution, Apple Corp. They had another big boom that people laughed at before it came out called the iPhone, now App’s are not just for dinner at a restaurant. Since the Rise of the APP, software developers don’t charge nearly as much as they did.  I bought software that is free now for over $100 before App’s existed.  Oh how the economies of scale have re-balanced things.

Being a person on the bleeding cutting edge I have always enjoyed these shake up’s and enjoyed Disruptive and Destructive Technologies.

Google Fiber is my favorite new disruptive technology.

Google Fiber Logo

Broadband killed the ISP(Internet Service Provider). Now Google Fiber is making broadband shake and quake. I don’t live near where it exists but anywhere it does all the broadband companies need to adapt and compete or go away. Google Fiber gives you one gigabit per second uploads and downloads for $79.  If I paid on the same scale my internet would cost either .80 or $8.00 as they split the upload and download speeds unlike Google Fiber.

The way they sell broadband to the masses is a lot of Puffery. They have ads that say you get UP TO 10mbs speed as an example.

Am I really getting what I pay for?

It is puffery because they can’t prove what you get as they don’t measure these ‘speeds’. If you have an issue YOU have to go and measure YOUR SPEED with a speed test.  If your speed test proves your connection is bad, then they say your equipment is the issue.  Or the method you used for testing is the problem. What is funny is that they don’t measure how fast you fill the glass they just measure how full the glass is.  So they measure your total usage of the broadband and if you fill your glass too full they cut you off.  They bury this usage cut off deep in the fine print and don’t make you aware of it.  Maybe if you knew how much you could have you might notice just how slow you are getting it.  It is like trying to fill a pint glass with an eyedropper.


The Raspberry Pi was disruptive technology as NO ONE thought a $25 computer was possible.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi
Now someone is building CHIP the $9 computer and they have LESS THAN 12 HOURS till the Kickstarter is done. The Raspberry Pi also now has a $20 model and even Intel is getting in on the action with the Edison $55 computer. Yeah the Intel Edison is a lot more money than the CHIP but just a single Intel CPU before the Raspberry Pi existed was over $100.  Oh and Intel had no desire to build a whole computer for any $$$$ at that time.

The DVD Killed the Videotape.

The Blu Ray didn’t budge the DVD as the DVD was good enough.

DVD Killed the Video Tape

No one has made a 4K UHD Physical Distribution Format as it will be all digital. It is cheaper, easier, faster, and better for companies to go digital for distribution. Is it better for you? Can you sell your digital stuff yet? I hear an industry being born as I type “The Selling Digital Stuff Industry”. If you own it that is part of ownership, transferring that ownership.  I don’t technically own it if I can’t SELL IT.   I am just renting it.  I wonder how they have handled people’s Wills with Digital Media.

One of my favorite technologies are Cameras. 2 different products have radically changed the industry over the past 10 years.

The first is from a company that did not focus on the camera but on how you use it and what you experience with the camera strapped on. They never said “Hey we have a Great Camera” to point and click pictures of your family. They said STRAP IT ON and ENJOY YOUR RIDE. It is the GoPro.

Mid Roll with my BalanceCam GoPro Rig in the Park
Mid Roll with my BalanceCam GoPro Rig in the Park
GoPro sold more than Sony during Christmas at Best Buy, first time Sony didn’t win. How did GoPro do that? They focused on what people needed not on the spec sheet and what they thought people needed. They knew people wanted a camera to wear when doing dangerous things. So they built that.  They didn’t even have a way for people to see what pictures they were taking.  And guess what, people bought them, I did(I actually own 2). Most GoPro fans own more than one. Why? They do what you need. Once GoPro created their product the other companies saw their success and jumped on the bandwagon.  The newest GoPro product is pretty amazing as they now integrate the LCD in the tiny package.
The other company that focused on jumping forward and not crawling incrementally forward was RED Digital Cinema.

Red Digital Cinema

If we had let Camera Companies do what they were doing we may never have gotten 4K. RED pushed the whole industry and the industry had to play catch up. RED Digital is just about to release an 8K camera. Oh and did I mention you can BUY a RED Digital Camera.  When RED started professional cinema cameras were not purchased in fact call ARRI or Panavision and ask if you can buy one of their cameras, they will probably laugh at you.

Turning an industry on edge shakes it up and makes everyone think different.

Leader Lead, Followers Follow. Having a new idea is hard and copying an idea is easy.
From my Instagram - Sitting in the Southwest Plane as the Sun Sets
From my Instagram – Sitting in the Southwest Plane as the Sun Sets
I don’t think the artist that is using Instagram Pictures for his Art Show is right. He didn’t take the picture(the hard part). He copied them and added words(the easy part). I consider his art show to be theft and a followers method of doing things. That’s Art though as everyone has their own opinions. From a legal point of view he is ‘allowed‘ to do it. That doesn’t make it right and doesn’t make him anything more than a cheap imitation follower, charging $100k per image. There is a long list of ‘Artists‘ that didn’t make the art they just sold it. That doesn’t make you a true artist in my opinion. Oh and if you create a Genre of Art you don’t ‘own it in your basement‘. You are considered a founder and you inspired what comes next you didn’t create it.

What is funny about Disruptive and Destructive technologies is that the core tends to repeat.

My first real disruptive technology was the Digi-View Personal Digitizer. It took images and put them on my Amiga computer.

Digi-View Personal Digitizer

Not really revolutionary now but it was at the time. It was low cost and high quality(for the time). That Red Green Blue Clear Color wheel concept was actually an older idea from a Russian Photographer who took Black and White Images and made them color. And since technology repeats itself. You will see that same RGB Color wheel on all the Single Chip DLP Projectors  So if you see DLP on a projector most likely it uses a color wheel to change Black and White to color.  It does that by spinning Red then Green then Blue then Clear in front of a Greyscale image.

Disruptive and Destructive Technology can also cause problems.

If you have had a child in the last 20 years you probably bought them Velcro Shoes.

Velcro Kids Shoes

What’s wrong with that? We now have a generation that can barely tie their shoes. If you don’t learn a simple bow knot how do you expect them to learn harder more complicated knots? Also that eye hand dexterity then translates to other things. Without learning it you could be at a serious disadvantage moving forward.

When computers originally came out they said ‘We will have More Jobs because of computers’

Ask anyone in Detroit if we have more jobs because of computers and I think they will laugh. Yes the jobs moved to more “cost effective” countries but the Automotive Robot made that a reality as well. The Robot can work 24/7 and doesn’t have a union leader, yet. Yes I said YET as computers are just technology slaves of the modern age. As all slavery revolutions have shown us, when the slave rises they usually lash back at the masters. Don’t think computers are any different and that is why they were in my DBMC Birthday Festival.


Yes this weeks shoe is the VELCRO SNEAKER

Velcro Sneaker

Not nearly as Fancy Pants as my previous shoes and that is the point.  Not all shoes are super fancy and you need to know that. Without these shoes I don’t think my Mom who has Rheumatoid Arthritis would be able to wear shoes.  You see her hands are a bit kinked because of the disease and she has had all of the joints in her hand replaced with plastic.  It is one of the reasons that I won’t stop spinning spheres to hopefully avoid this fate with my hands.

LOVE YOU MOM and your hands will always inspire me, #heheh.

So I ask you my reader

What Destructive Technology do you use every day? What did it destroy?

What did you learn that the next generation just didn’t need to learn?

Do you think the Machines will take over or have they already?

Thanks for reading my post.  Don’t forget to share it with your Friends and Frenemies.

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Be Awesome, Make Awesome, Watch Awesome, You Are Awesome. Find that inner SuperHero and Fly with it (or whatever your Super Power is).

Rich Shumaker

Vid Fest – Movie Fest – Film Fest – DBMC Festival

Call it what you will, I call them AWESOME!!!

It's For Sale
It’s For Sale

With Phil putting the house up for sale it seems only fitting that we pay homage to the Awesomeness that is the DBMC Festival and the Deep Lake Pictures Theater.

Phil created the Dying Breed Movie Club or DBMC(sounds real bad a#$ huh!?!) and ran it with Dana every month for years.
It was based on the earlier VideoFest’s that were held at the Schmidts.  In the VideoFest days not everyone had a VCR, my family didn’t yet. The VideoFest would usually include 3 or 4 rented movies.  We would watch them all day. In those days you paid a premium for new movies and some new movies were only allowed to be kept for a single day without big late fees.  So the VideoFest was born which spawned the DBMC Festival.

DBMC Festival Items

Friends, Remember your friends have friends.
Party Supplies Including but not limited too Beverages, Snacky Cakey Foody Thingys, Tobacco like a cigar or cigarette or maybe even a cigarillo(kids don’t smoke but make sure you have a great outdoor space for your smokers).

Viewing MethodsWe had a TV in every room including the bathroom not to mention they were at the pool and barn. The main room had a projector and a special sound system that was set up theater style.  Lots of Comfy Chairs and Couches too.

For your Viewing Pleasure you have many things to choose from
including but not limited too Animated Shorts or Cartoons, Serial Shorts, Short Subjects, TV Shorts, and of course Features and 3 of them works best.

Don’t forget you need a THEME!!!

Some Everyday DBMC Festival Themes

Don't Offend Me with that Offensive Theme
Don’t Offend Me with that Offensive Theme
An Actor – Robert Downey Jr.
Director – Steven Spielberg
Year – 1940
Category or Type – Horror
Books Turned Movies – Harry Potter
Movie as Theme – Star Wars
TV as Theme – SNL Based Movies
Anything you can think of can be a Theme, try to keep it understandable, if you can.

You can even have a Theme inside a Theme inside a Theme. So your ‘Birthday Theme’ could be based on a ‘Mystery Theme’ based on the ‘Writings of someone that were turned into Movies Theme’.


You will need an Intermission

Phil would create an amazing intermission.

DBMC Intermission

You always need an intermission to get up and stretch your legs.  During the intermission the Theme is used for any special features.  If it is a Star Trek Theme you might have the Saturday Night Live with William Shatner yelling at the Trekies.  Also During the intermission you also have previews for the next months Festival.  Sometimes you may include a discussion of a film or a Theme in general like Film Noir.

SNL Trekkies

DBMC All Day Long

Oh did I mention DBMC Festivals started around 4PM (First feature around 6PM) and ran until after Midnight. YES ALL DAY. Come when you want, stay as long as you like.

Part of the Fun is to Become a Critic

Our Critic’s Rating system don’t have No Stinking ‘Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down’. You need to give us your SOUL or at least a Letter Grade, #hehehe

Even YOU

For every movie you watch you give it from an A+ to an F- yes that is an F-. Some movies deserve that. The number system is from 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, it allows for a wide range of movies to fit in everywhere.


A+ = 9.7 – 10
A = 9.3 – 9.6
A- = 8.9 – 9.2
B+ = 8.5 – 8.8
B = 8.1 – 8.4
B- = 7.7 – 8.0
C+ = 7.3 – 7.6
C = 6.9 – 7.2
C- = 6.5 – 6.8
D+ = 6.1 – 6.4
D = 5.7 – 6.0
D- = 5.3 – 5.6
F+ = 5.0 – 5.2
F = 2.6 – 4.9
F- = 0 – 2.5

Most Important Enjoy the Party!

DBMC Birthday Festivals

If you attended 10 Festivals you are eligible for 1 Birthday Festival and if you attend 25 you get another.

My Birthday Festival was in April, December is a busy month with lots of movies to watch so I was pushed a month, or two, or three, wait I mean 4 months, #heheh.
For my Festival I got to choose almost everything as there was a serial that was playing month to month.

DBMC Continuity from Month to Month


A Theme ties the day together and the Eposidic Serial TV or Film Short ties the festivals from one to the next, like stitches through time. Typically you choose something that was a cliffhanger to grab the audience and keep them coming back month to month.


 My DBMC Birthday Festival

My Birthday Festival Theme was a combination of Firsts and Man V.S. Things. Firsts are important to me as they lay the foundation for the seconds and thirds of things.  In general the Movies I like the most  have a central Theme of Man V.S. ‘Things’ and ‘Things’ can be many different things.  I am sure this comes from the ZOMBIES.

Program Below – Slightly Updated from the Original that Phil sent out – MOVIE DETAILS ARE FROM THE INTERWEB AND I JUST LIFTED IT FROM THE PROGRAM PHIL CREATED Bad Rich Bad!

Rich Shumaker DBMC Birthday Festival at Deep Lake Pictures Theater

Doors Open: 3:45pm Show Starts: 4:00pm First Feature Begins: 6:20pm Bonus Short, Intermission & Discussion: 8:25pm Second Feature Begins: 9:30pm Third Feature Begins: 10:55pm Show Ends: Approx. 12:30am  Discussion Highlights: Rollerball (1975)

Intermission Highlights: (Music Videos, Vintage Commercials, Previews, a couple of surprises)

TV Short Animated: Amazing Stories: Episode #40: Family Dog (Original Air-Date February 16th, 1987) 22 minutes Directed By: Brad Bird Voices By: Stan Freberg, Annie Potts, Brad Bird and Ray Walston Viewed on DVD, Standard Format Color Animated, Comedy In this animated episode of three interrelated stories, a middle-class, suburban family is seen through the eyes of their put-upon dog.  Special Note – Brad Bird Directorial Debut

Looks like my dog Pixel
Quivering Snarling White Hot Ball of Canine Terror
Quivering Snarling White Hot Ball of Canine Terror



Funny enough my puppy looks like the ‘Family Dog’

Before ‘Gerta LaStrange’s Dog Obedience School’

Brad Bird’s Most Recent Film – Tomorrowland – In Theatres NOW.  GO SEE IT. I give it an A.

Serial Short: Jungle Girl: Chapter 11: Dangerous Secret (1941) 20 minutes Directed By: John English & William Witney Starring: Frances Gifford, Tom Neal, Trevor Bardette, Gerald Mohr, Eddie Acuff, and Jay Silverheels Viewed on DVD, Standard Format Black & White Action, Adventure, Jungle Dr. John Meredith has been driven from civilization by the criminal activities of his twin brother Bradley Meredith. With his infant daughter, he settles in the African jungle, where his ability to cure the native ills has resulted in his virtual control of the Masamba tribes, who possess vast diamond mines coveted by a gang of crooks. They use Shamba, a witch doctor jealous of Dr. Meredith’s influence over the tribe, to further their schemes. The natives believe that a sacred amulet is the secret of Dr. Meredith’s power, and Shamba attempts to kill Nyoka, Meredith’s now-grown-up daughter, to obtain the amulet (which actually contains the secret to the entrance of the Caves of Nakros).

TV Mini-Series Movie Special: Battlestar Galactica: Movie Two (2003) 98 minutes

Directed By: Michael Rymer Starring: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis Viewed on DVD, Widescreen Format Color Science Fiction A re-imagining of the original series in which a “rag-tag fugitive fleet” of the last remnants of mankind flees pursuing robots while simultaneously searching for their true home, Earth.

Man Creates Machine

BSG is Currently my Favorite TV Show of All Time. This Mini-Series was the start of that TV Show I liked so much.  Without this Mini-Series there is no show.  This was a reboot and not the first BSG.  I think the reboot kicked A#$.  God’s be Damned and Frak Them All.  So Say We All!!!

Short Subject: The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Part I (2003) 9 minutes Directed By: Mahiro Maeda Voices By: Dwight Schultz, Dane A. Davis, Debi Derryberry, and Julia Fletcher Viewed on DVD, Widescreen Format Color Animated, Science Fiction A tour is taken into the Zion archives, where the history of the real world and the rise of the machines is shown to viewers.
Man Uses Machine – Rise of the Machines, Wait that is another movie #heheh.

Feature: Rollerball (1975) Poster for Rollerball 129 minutes Directed By: Norman Jewison Starring: James Caan, John Houseman, Maud Adams, John Beck, Moses Gunn, Pamela Hensley Viewed on DVD, Widescreen Version Color Action, Science Fiction, Futuristic In a futuristic society where corporations have replaced countries, the violent game of Rollerball is used to control the populace by demonstrating the futility of individuality. However, one player, Jonathan E., rises to the top, and fights for his personal freedom and threatens the corporate control.
Man V.S. Corporate Machine – Only One Man Can Live in the Rollerball Arena – “Jon-a-than!”

Bonus Short Subject: The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Part II (2003) 10 minutes Directed By: Mahiro Maeda Voices By: Dwight Schultz, Dane A. Davis, Debi Derryberry and Julia Fletcher Viewed on DVD, Widescreen Format Color Animated, Science Fiction, With the robot city isolated and it’s ambassadors ejected form the United Nations, a trade war begins to protect the human economy from superior products. When the trade war escalates into war the machines begin a seemingly unstoppable march across the globe.
Machine Uses ManStart of the Matrix

Feature: Evil Dead (1981)  85 minutes Directed By: Sam Raimi Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Hal Delrich, Betsy Baker, Sarah York Viewed on DVD, Widescreen Version, Color Horror, Five friends go up to a cabin in the woods where they find unspeakable evil lurking in the forest. They find the Necronomicon and the taped translation of the text. Once the tape is played, the evil is released. One by one, the teens become deadly zombies. With only one remaining, it is up to him to survive the night and battle the evil dead.
Man V.S. Undead – Special Note – Sam Raimi Directorial Debut

Side Note – Bruce Campbell Rocks!!!!

Feature: Clerks (1994) 92 minutes Directed By: Kevin Smith Starring: Brian O’Halloran Jeff Anderson Marilyn Ghigliotti Jason Mewes Lisa Spoonauer Viewed on DVD, Widescreen Version Color Comedy, Drama, A day in the lives of two convenience clerks named Dante and Randal as they annoy customers, discuss movies, and play hockey on the store roof.


Clerks V.S. The World #heheh – Special Note – Kevin Smith Directorial Debut.  Kevin Smith’s first film was the first time I heard of someone following their dreams. I loved this first film and without it you don’t get Mallbrats  (seriously that’s the title), which could be shooting in my old stomping grounds the Granite Run Mall.

So that was my Birthday Festival and it was AWESOME!!!

One Last DBMC Festival Note

An interesting thing is that Phil would keep notes during the Festival.  You could tell him things as they came up and he would write them down.  At the end he would ask you if you had anything you wanted made note of.

An example of the DBMC Festival notes

The Movie Festival #17 – Kill Bill
Notes: Phil D.(Not Phil from the Blog Post so think Different Phil when you read Phil D.) said he was too confused, especially during the Kill Bill movies and was unable to give any grades. Rich said that his first cigar sucked a#$.

That’s a Wrap

With today’s watch on demand, on the go, in a car, or on a boat. It would be nice to get back to the simpler times. Seriously VCR’s required you to REWIND them. NO pausing for hours, unless you wanted to break the tape. There was no pausing in one room, and resuming in another.  Luckily the DBMC Festival plays everywhere so you don’t need a pause button, #heheh.  Get out to a Film Festival or have one yourself.  They are an AMAZING way to connect to each other and the world of the Moving Picture.

And Now for the SHOES

Heelless Heels – SAY WHAT?!?

Lady Gaga Heelless Shoes

Noritaka Tatehana is the Japanese Shoe Artists who created these shoes.

Noritaka Tatehana

They were made famous by Lady GaGa

Lada Gaga in Heelless Heel by Noritaka Tatehana

Image from MTV

Noritaka Tatehana shoes are inspirational to me as he took an idea and turned it on it’s head.  KJ fell in love with these shoes so when we saw a ‘knock off’ pair at the store she tried them on.  KJ said they were easy to walk in and now we own them.  I hope to someday be able to afford a real pair of Noritaka Tatehana shoes maybe something like his most recent creation.

Crystal Shoes

So I ask you my reader

Ever been to a Movie Festival?

What would be Your Festival Theme?

What Movies would be in your Film Festival?

Bonus Question – What are your favorite 3 films and do they have a theme?

Thanks for reading my post.  Don’t forget to share it with your Friends and Frenemies.


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Be Awesome, Make Awesome, Watch Awesome, You Are Awesome. Find that inner SuperHero and Fly with it (or whatever your Super Power is).

Rich Shumaker

Zombies are Not Cuddly Fuzzy Bunnies you Sleep with

Spoiler Alerts – I talk about the movies Shaun of the Dead, Fido and Warm Bodies, the TV Show iZombie (*), as well as Zombie Runs(**), a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Drill, amazing Shoes by Alexander McQueen, the artist H.R. Giger, and of course Zombies.

*disclaimer #1 – I have only seen the ads
**disclaimer #2 – Not going to try it

If you have any concerns about me ruining your life experience by discussing the above items,


Thank you,
The Management

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Let me be clear that this blog is serious as many will read this while eating popcorn and laugh hysterically. I enjoy your perspective I just don’t share it. Zombies or the Walking Dead as some might call them are as serious as a heart attack. Zombies make horrible friends, neighbors, chums, pillows, or cuddly fuzzy bunnies that you fall asleep with.

I first saw Zombies at the Drive in Movie Theater in the 1968 classic ‘Night of the Living Dead‘.  Zombies took over my nightmares from that point forward.

H.R. Pufnstuf



Up until that point Witchiepoo from H.R. Pufnstuf was my nightmare.





Rule #1 – If your friend turns into a Zombie, the friendship is over, Shoot Him or Her in the HEAD!

Rule #2 – If you give a Zombie a HUG because they look like they need it, you are an idiot and you should have shot yourself in the head!!

Rule #3 – I think you get the point to the rules, ZOMBIES ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!!

Speaking of friends, I have a friend that is deathly afraid of Zombies. Me I am not afraid as I will cut their head in two. In fact I am concerned that someone that is only “Actin’ a Zombie” might “Roll up on me” and “Get Ginsu‘d in the head“.

First Officers on the Zombie Crime Scene in the above scenario

Officer – Why did you stab him in the head?
Me – Duhhh, because you need to destroy the Zombies Brain, everybody knows that.
Officer – So that is why you put a knife in your friends Ear.
Me – He ain’t my friend he’s a Zombie(Don’t you know Rule #1) and I would be careful about getting to close to him cuz he might bite you, you’ve been warned.

Alarming Zombie Trend

In recent years, I have noticed an alarming trend and that is the Cuddly Fuzzy Bunny Zombie. Holy crap right now someone is making or someone reading this will make the STOOPIDEST MOST PROFITABLE kids toy of all time. The Cuddly Zombie Toy Line – It’s as soft as the most Cuddly Fuzzy Bunny but it’s a ZOMBIE, NOOOOOOOOO.

Shaun of the Dead Poster

I must tell you that I LOVEDShaun of the Dead‘ unfortunately the ending is the worst ever. Your friend is not out in the shed playing video games. He is waiting in the shed to eat your brain. Didn’t you read the spoiler alert before reading this?!?

The Alarming Zombie Trend Continues in the Movies

After Shaun of the Dead I thought it was over but it continued with movies like Fido and Warm Bodies. I just can’t believe that the walking dead can be ‘cured‘ or that being undead will get better, just like the Black Knight won’t be playing Tennis anytime soon.

It’s Only a Flesh Wound.

Also if you make a servant out of a Zombie be prepared to be bitten, literally.  You won’t need to worry about deportation just decapitation with your friendly neighborhood Zombie servants.


Why would TV Exec’s make iZombie.  Wait I get it MONEY.

iZombie Star Rose Mciver

I have never seen more than the commercial for this TV show.  I don’t need too see more than that. Your a Walking Dead Zombie, you won’t get better. This TV show would last one episode for me. Oh your a Zombie, Ginsu to Head, Roll the Credits.  Since I had to create a link to the show now Google is giving me stories about it,  NOOOOOO² (That would be No Squared or NOOOOOO X NOOOOOO as I don’t want a Google update about CW iZombies and I don’t want a Zombie Friend).

Run Zombie Run

They have created Zombie Runs, SAY WHAT?!? No you need to destroy the Zombie Walking Dead Brains NOW!!!! I am not running just dicing things up Ginsu Style. I need to get paid for these Ginsu Ads.  Here is an idea for you Ginsu – Zombie Ginsu for all your Zombie Killing Needs.

How no one has gotten hurt on a Zombie Run is amazing to me.

Seriously I would Ginsu this Zombie not run.

The ones of us that are smart enough to avoid the Walking Dead Zombies would NOT be STOOPID enough to enter one of these things.
One day a casual jogger is going to stumble into a Zombie Run and someone is going to get a Zombie Ginsu Lesson. Now that would be funny a guy running through the park with a Ginsu Holster across his chest(I swear Officer this is just in case I see a Zombie, #heheh).

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Drills (ZAPD)

Several years ago I was sitting on the edge of a stage at SphereCamp. A few friends came dragging out of the dark. They looked bad, really bad, dead actually. They were groaning and moaning and dragging themselves towards us. My friend was sitting next to me saying ‘Aren’t they cute, like Zombies’.
I was already up on the stage and my words fell on deaf ears, ‘Yep Zombies RUN!!!’
She didn’t run and I watched a Zombie walk up, sit next to her, and bite into her.
YEP ZOMBIES, so I did what anyone in this situation should do I grabbed my stuff and ran. I ran all night actually. I hid out and listened. At one point I had a camera but I dropped it.

The next day when I noticed people by the camp stove making coffee, I approached. The Zombie Couple that were the start of the epidemic were laughing over some coffee with others I saw get bitten. That is when I found out that I was just part of a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Drill(ZAPD). There was only one other survivor of that night and she came out of the woods and had the same reaction I did. Relief, as I was not looking forward to what I was going to have to do next.

Thank Heavens for ‘The Walking Dead‘ as it is teaching the reality of life after the Zombie Apocalypse.  ZOMBIES ARE NOT CUDDLY FUZZY BUNNIES YOU SLEEP WITH!!!

Enough Zombies Lets Talk Shoes

These are NOT RECOMMENDED for the Zombie Apocalypse

The shoe this week is by Alexander McQueen and the artist who inspired the shoe is H.R. Giger.

HR Giger inspired shoes by Alexander McQueen

Giger died a year ago this month and his art was something I was always drawn too.  Alexander McQueens Alien Inspired shoes made me smile when I saw them.

H.R. Giger was an amazing artist and if you are in LA this week you can check out the documentary, Dark Star: H. R. Giger’s World  in the Theatre.

If you miss it in LA then check out the other dates around the US and Canada

Dark Star Dates

So I ask you my reader

Would you go on a Zombie Run?

Would you be prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Drill(ZAPD)?

What do you think about giving your kids a Zombie Doll?

Enjoy your week and make sure to collect as many Ginsu’s as you can, just in case.

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Rich Shumaker

Ideas Ideas Ideas

This weeks post deals with something near and dear to my heart, IDEAS!!!

First 2 Revisions of the TetraPi
Everyone has them and some of us even share our ideas with the world. I have shared my ideas even when it has caused people to look at me sideways and question my sanity, which is clearly not there #heheh.

One of my classic ideas that pops to mind because my HS friends remind me when they see me(read tease relentlessly #heheh),  is the Vertical Force Transducer. I am sure if any of them read this they will probably be chuckling right now.  The funny part is that the Vertical Force Transducer is not the idea it is just part of the idea.

The idea is to create a Portable Wall that Blocks Sound

You see I had this idea when I had a band playing in my parents house and they were loud, as bands are. I wanted a simple thing I could set up and break down that would create a break between the band, me, and the house.  Since I was in the room with the band it was not ideal for doing tracking.
At the time I had this idea and told my friends they all thought I was batty, how can you negate sound by sending the opposite sound at it? I am sure most of them now own Bose QuietComfort or more expensive ‘Active’ Headphones. These headphones use the exact idea I had for the Portable Wall that Blocks Sound back in the day.

Bose Headphones

What ever happen to the vertical force transducer and the sound blocking wall?  The idea didn’t go anywhere, yet. I found out that I needed more space, more computer power, more transducers. This was a fail before it ever got off the ground. I keep this idea in a box as someday I am sure I will explore it more. Oh and that Vertical Force Transducer makes a great bass shaker. Everybody JUMP on the DANCE FLOOR!!!

Years after the wall idea I determined I needed ‘smaller’ computers for my ideas

Gumstix Computer

Having a tower, laptop, or even a tablet was not small enough. I researched and found gumstix computers but I could not afford them.   I kept my eye out and while I was researching computers in schools I came across the Raspberry Pi.  As soon as I found it I purchased one and waited for it to arrive.  It has been 3 years since then and the educationally driven RasPi has a vibrant ecosystem for learning, and did I mention it is small with a small price tag(BIG BANG low cost).

Tetra Pi - Using Raspberry Pi Compatible Cameras
Tetra Pi – Using Raspberry Pi Compatible Cameras
One of the reasons I wanted the RasPi was to record video from multiple angles simultaneously. That led to the TetraPi.  It unfortunately has been a fail so far. I was able to build it and put software on it and make it record videos and images.  The fail happened when I was trying to get the video footage to be the same visually and stitch it together. I was able to manually adjust the images on all 4 Pi’s and get them ‘close’. Unfortunately I was unable to stitch the video as the software to do that is pricey and time consuming.

I decided when I got to this road block to check to see what had come out since I started. I found several options that were pre-baked and worked way better than mine. DIY sometimes is more expensive both in time and money and less gooder(it’s sad to think that engliz is my first and only language). If you are looking to do something that has a 360 degree image and video here are my recommendations, I like the bublcam and I love the 360cam (disclaimer – I don’t own either and I don’t work for or get paid by either for mentioning them).

Now with me discussing my failures you are probably thinking, did you ever make something that works? That is the point to ideas you remember the failures first and they make you work harder on the next idea that comes up.

Never Stop, Never Give Up, just learn how to tunnel or fly over the walls that are put up!

So lets talk success now as that is more funner(engliz what? Oh yeah Skilz!)

The LegacyCd Virtual  from last weeks post was created to help me and the next generation, do what you might ask?  When I was taught, James called it Contact Juggling.  While learning it, Michael called it SpherePlay. When I was watching TV, they called it Fushigi.  So I created my own name for what I do, I call it “Flow of the Round”.  I am a Flow Artist that uses Round Objects and makes them appear to float (aka FLOTR). The LegacyCd Virtual just came out and I consider it’s release to be a success. It is a complete set of free instructions that can easily be downloaded and used. You can update it, add to it, give it away, and expand it on your own journey.  As they say in Vegas Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Another success I really like is the BalanceCam.


I like this success as it took a long time to make it work. Once it worked, it was dead simple, and a great launch point for modders.  My original idea was to mirror what I had used on the LegacyCd for first person shooting.  For that I used a lipstick camera and a fishing pole. Unfortunately my GoPro was too heavy for the fishing pole and other things I tried were unstable.  Then one day I saw a Mic Bergsma video and it literally turned things upside down and the BalanceCam was born.  It is not only a tool for filming it is also a new Prop as well.

What’s Next?

With the introduction of the CHIP $9 Computer all new ideas are flowing.  I might connect it to a game controller for the IoT(Internet of Things) to allow my TetraPi Selfie(Oops I said it) to take selfies in 360.  Since it has a microphone this opens a whole new area of exploration and maybe some old walls will be torn down or built up 😉

Funny enough my latest idea was an April Fools joke on the ThinkGeek site this year.

For years I have been collecting equipment and trying to get the space to create this next idea.

I would rather it was stationary then mobile but the concept is the same. Set up an array of cameras in a 360 degree area to capture a person or people in full 3D. I want overhead cameras as well.

You might ask WHY?

The answer is feedback.  It is key to a Flow Artist or any movement artist to see what they are and aren’t doing. Mirrors are flat and don’t allow you to see everything you may or may not be doing correctly or more importantly incorrectly.

And now for the SHOES!!!

This week I am introducing an ongoing segment based on SHOES!!! Being a Shumaker and sometimes a BootMaker(Thanks Rob) I have thought about shoes a bit in my life and even created a few.  So without further ado here we GO.

So the most important thing that happened this week in the world was Charlize Theron returned to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, #heheh.  As always Charlize did not disappoint as she was straight up Hustlin’ and Pimpin’ by putting Jimmy Fallon in Platform shoes with DICE in them. Jimmy picked some sweet platforms for Charlize to wear on the show as well.  The shoe Jimmy picked was cool and a good try at beating the shoes she wore on her last appearance of the show, but not cool enough.

Charlize Theron wore some sickmazing shoes on her last appearance of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon





They were Christian Louboutin, Laurence Anyway Shoes.


Amazing Christian Louboutin, Laurence Anyway Shoes
Amazing Christian Louboutin, Laurence Anyway Shoes

 Here is an image of just the shoes.

Yes they have RED bottoms.

Not sure what shoes Charlize will wear the next time she is on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon but she has set the benchmark high for herself.

Ideas Come and Go

Grabbing them while they are here is the key. This is why I have a Dream Machine to help me collect them and expand them.  In my last post I discussed the LegacyCd Virtual which was created with the Dream Machine Powered by TiddlyWiki.  I am working on an updated Dream Machine for 2015 to allow anyone with any dream to reach it.

So I ask you my reader

What ideas have you had?

Have you ever been laughed at for something you thought or did that was Amazingly Awesome?

What do you do with your ideas, and do you keep a journal on your journey through life?

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Rich Shumaker