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End of my Old Year as Today is my Personal New Year

KJ calls it Personal New Year and I like it.

In few days we all celebrate the New Year 2015.

For me my New Year has always started a few days earlier.
Having a BDay between XMas and New Year has been ‘interesting’, I am looking at you 1 skate.

2014 has been crazy cool for me.

I end with projects that have been ongoing for months and years and some that are as new as yesterday.

The year has been filled with Raspberry Pi‘s like the ones I took to the LA Anime Expo, and I won a prize too.

View image on Twitter

Taken with RasPi
Z and KJ at LA Anime Expo. He is now taller than KJ

Coming soon is the Dream Machine 2015

Powered by TiddlyWiki which helped me find the Zettelkasten.

I took some images, wow 2007 spiders were big.

Made some videos, like of the night sky with a RasPi Noir.  That’s an INFRARED CAMERA WHICH IS SO COOL!!!!


Played a little or a lot depending on what you call it.

My LegacyCd took a jump to the big internet from the small Cd. It is going from Beta to Alpha on May 5th 2015. or 5-5-15 ten years after going on CD.

My Dream Machine is slowly and ever changing as all Dreams do. I really enjoy the concept of nodes and randomness from your memory system.

My book is still moving slowly towards the finish line with the third draft coming along and the Kickstarter around the bend.

Thanks to all my friends I hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday season.

Happy (Personal) New Year to all and to all a Good Night, or something like that.  #heheh(Oh and that is my Twitter inspired laughter you hear!!!)

-R$ featuring DJ PlagTick Out

Drop the Mic!!!