5 Live Show

The 5 Live Show has a website.

The 5 Live Show now has a FB Page.

The 5 Live Show is on YouTube.

Have you seen the 5 Live Show yet?

The Next Episode will be #12 & it might happen before I even finish this post, heheh.

My Favorite 5 Live Show so far….

The concept is simple, Do a Live Show & Do it in 5 Minutes.

Well what is the show about?

The Show is about things I like which makes it a bit scattered as I do like all types of things, Since liking things is not really a single thread or idea I wanted to tie the show together another way. I decided to tie it together using TIME.
Each Show is 5 Minutes once I hit the timer, heheh. I want you to watch a 5 Live show and be entertained and enjoy yourself, you might even learn something. I hope that you can also help me learn along the way 😉
Stop by when I am Live and say Hi. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and hit the notification icon to make it easier as YT will notify you when I go Live.

When will the 5 Live Show be on?

It Happens Whenever. It could be once a month or once every 5 minutes, heheh.

What are you still reading for, Go Watch 5 Live, Do IT Now!!!