On the Way to the Show

And the Winner Is….. NOT vMix

Last week I was at Streaming Media West in Huntington Beach.



I went for ONE reason

vMix: Live Video Streaming Software

vMix Booth
vMix Booth at Streaming Media West

They didn’t hire me, they didn’t ask me, honestly I am sure there were times they didn’t even want me there, heheh.



Why did I go then?

I went to support this amazing product as vMix has always been my Secret Weapon.  It is the Swiss Army Knife of Production that I use more and more everyday in so many ways.  Martin & Tim from vMix were amazing and awesome.  I had an issue and discussed it with Martin and in less than 5 minutes he showed me not only 1 but 2 different solutions.  This is the level of support I have always received from them by email, in the forums, and on the interweb.

I also went to help anyone with question on how a Content Creator might use this product in the real world.  I made sure to say ‘I don’t work for vMix’ so people knew that I was there just like they were as a participant.

As I pointed out to people when they stopped by the booth vMix is very responsive to it’s users.  I asked for a feature that I needed for my production and explained why I needed it.  In less than a week(I think it was actually a day later) not only did they respond to my request it was added to the product.  They also added several things that I didn’t even know I needed until I saw what they added.

Why do you like this product so much?


That is the #1 reason I LOVE vMix.  It saves me TIME, makes my TIME a priority by working every time & it doesn’t waste my TIME. All the TIME I spend using vMix it pays me back 10 fold.  Honestly I never would have been able to do a LIVE PRODUCTION without it.  And Now I can do a lot more than LIVE with it.

Oh and as I said when I started this, vMix is not paying me.  I am a user of vMix.  They have created a tool that I am always surprised that more people are not using.   This tool allows me to do more with less and get more done faster than ever before.  THANKS vMix!!!

I was very hopeful that vMix would win at Streaming Media West.  Funny enough they were the only product in the 2 categories they were nominated for that was at the show demonstrating.  Also they were the only product on the show floor that had not only 1 user that showed up to support it but 2.  Big Shout Out to Dave Edwards for stopping by.  It was amazing to meet him in person after all the help he has been online.

BONUS – THANKS to Magewell for helping me with their M.2 Capture cards, 3 different heat sinks to fit any case you need it too. 4K, Dual HD, Quad HD all on the M.2 gumstick sized device

Magewell M.2 Quad Capture


I am excited for Monday and every day I get to use vMix.  I really like it that much.

Oh and before I go, here are some of the features that make vMix so much better than anything I have ever used.  Recording to your format of choice.  Stream to 3 places at once.  Send to an External Source or more than one External Source, like a Projector, or another program on your PC.  NDI(This is a HUGE DEAL), Free NDI Desktop Capture(Anyone can download and use this for FREE with their productions), Camera Inputs from your capture device(not locked into any one companies product), Multicorder(record more than one source, want a clean and an overlay version, you got it), vMix Call(I explain this as your own Private Skype System), A Simple to Use Single Heads Up Display for your production, Pick Your Controller(Midi, Dedicated USB Device, Keyboard, or even an XBox Controller), PC Only(many think this is a downside but I don’t, having one System to Support makes Support so much easier).  These are just highlights of the features you get with this amazing product called vMix.

If you have any specific questions about how vMix could help you be LIVE everyday in every way reach out and ask me.  If I don’t know the answer I will make sure to find someone that can help you.



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