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Blog Style 2.0

I dislike words.

I dun got(did that on purpose) a 23% for an entire marking period in High School English.  A marking period was 1/5 of my total grade.  I really don’t like reading or writing and so I didn’t do it and boom, 23%.

So why is this important to this blog?

I was forcing myself to do something that I didn’t like and it didn’t come natural to me.  I consider it a win for learning and a loss for not continuing to do it(Quitters Never Win).   So I am back to try it again with this new style.  This leads to an important life lesson.  If you don’t like to do something either find a way to like it or DON’T DO IT.  So you are probably thinking ‘Hey Rich I don’t like work so should I stop doing that?’.  My answer is YES.  Get another job or learn to like the one you have.(Side note –  If you quit your job and can’t support yourself and your family because of what I just said you are a ridiculously silly person.  Find another job or do a second job you like while you keep a roof over your head.  Or like I said LEARN TO LIKE IT.)  This leads to me changing what I didn’t like into something I do like with this blog.

Moving forward my blog posts will be more of a Life Journal Style blog post.  What has Rich been up to and where is he going and why?  Putting context to the content that I create everywhere.   I am creating content across all the platforms I use, and there are many.  This blog will be a run down of what I have been up too and you will start to see the themes that are important to my life and hopefully yours.  My themes will hopefully resonate with you and bring you back over and over and over again.

Favorite ‘New’ Site, Musical.ly – Direct Link to video below.


The goal of any interweb activity is to interact with people in a meaningful way.  Interweb is what I call the internet activity I do as my life weaves together on a network like a spider creates a web across the digital universe.  The interweb is not a vacuum that you throw stuff into and never see again.  I do it to create discussions between myself, you, and the world.

Which leads me to what I have been up to this week.

I wrote a Medium Story, did a Facebook Live video for my Weekly FlotR Workshop, Twitter Posts #500, and an Instagram post or two. People really love their coffee!!! I say that as that has been my most liked Instagram post in a while.

Hey wait you wrote a Medium Story but you don’t like to write?  I wrote a Medium Story to try the format out.  I wrote a Medium Story because I am passionate about what I wrote about, Gary Vaynerchuk.  I will write things and use Medium to do it.  I may write one a week for a month, then skip a month, or do 3 in a week, we will see.

I was called a BOT this week in YouTube land.  I need to work on that.  Either start making R2D2 sounds or start sounding more human.

Cinematography Database

LOL Ok so you area real person. Just so you know, that first comment looked like a bot. 100% looked like a bot.

Last but certainly not least, I am not doing shoes on this blog for a bit.  Why?  I figured out that I love the look of shoes when I am out and about.  I didn’t enjoy researching shoes and figuring out all the ins and outs of them.  In the future I will bring shoes back to this blog in a new and exciting way, as I really do love them, a lot.

Be Awesome, Create Awesome, Live an Amazing Life in Every Way.

Rich Shumaker

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