End of my Old Year as Today is my Personal New Year

KJ calls it Personal New Year and I like it.

In few days we all celebrate the New Year 2015.

For me my New Year has always started a few days earlier.
Having a BDay between XMas and New Year has been ‘interesting’, I am looking at you 1 skate.

2014 has been crazy cool for me.

I end with projects that have been ongoing for months and years and some that are as new as yesterday.

The year has been filled with Raspberry Pi‘s like the ones I took to the LA Anime Expo, and I won a prize too.

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Taken with RasPi
Z and KJ at LA Anime Expo. He is now taller than KJ

Coming soon is the Dream Machine 2015

Powered by TiddlyWiki which helped me find the Zettelkasten.

I took some images, wow 2007 spiders were big.

Made some videos, like of the night sky with a RasPi Noir.  That’s an INFRARED CAMERA WHICH IS SO COOL!!!!


Played a little or a lot depending on what you call it.

My LegacyCd took a jump to the big internet from the small Cd. It is going from Beta to Alpha on May 5th 2015. or 5-5-15 ten years after going on CD.

My Dream Machine is slowly and ever changing as all Dreams do. I really enjoy the concept of nodes and randomness from your memory system.

My book is still moving slowly towards the finish line with the third draft coming along and the Kickstarter around the bend.

Thanks to all my friends I hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday season.

Happy (Personal) New Year to all and to all a Good Night, or something like that.  #heheh(Oh and that is my Twitter inspired laughter you hear!!!)

-R$ featuring DJ PlagTick Out

Drop the Mic!!!

Reduce Reuse Recycle – Dream Machine Edition

In order to live in Tiny Spaces you need to reduce your stuff.

See my Live Smaller Post to see more about the physical spaces you can live in.

For me as I reduce my physical footprint I am increasing my digital footprint.  I am digitizing the data to allow me to store my physical CD’s, DVD’s, Notebooks, and other “Hard Copies” outside my Tiny Space. One great way to bring your data together is to use an ‘Electronic Organizer’.  I have tried many of these and have been frustrated by the monthly fees, limited usage, cloud requirements, special add on’s and most of all the inability for the user to modify them to be what YOU NEED not what they THINK YOU NEED.  That is why I was so HAPPY when I found TiddlyWiki.

Recently I have started to port over my Dream Machine to TiddlyWiki 5 to allow me to take full advantage of the latest and greatest TiddlyWiki BUT I am getting ahead of myself, I may need to answer an obvious question you are asking first.

What is TiddlyWiki?

TiddlyWiki is a self contained Wiki that can be used for almost anything.  By self contained I mean it is a single HTML file.  The file has all the information for creating the structure and technical stuff needed to hold all your data in what are called Tiddlers.  A Tiddler is a single TiddlyWiki entry.  TiddlyWiki is Open Source, User Changeable, Fun, Easy, oh and it is AWESOME to use.  You can put it in the Cloud or carry it in your Pocket on a USB Thumb Drive.

What would I use TiddlyWiki for?

Almost anything you can think of.  TiddlyWiki Classic has become quite the hit in the Getting Things Done community, see mGSD.  I am currently using TiddlyWiki 5 which is the newest version and am exploring all the options.  The more I learn the more people I can see using it.  You could use TiddlyWiki for note taking and projects at school, as an ideas scrapbook, for bible study, or knowledge maps, and just about anything you would want to ‘Capture’.  TiddlyWiki can capture text, pictures, sounds, and all different types of data on your journey called life.

“an unexamined life is not worth living”

For everyday life these days I use Google Keep to jot down notes on the go and sync between phones and computers.  Then I use my Dream Machine and other TiddlyWiki’s to store and sort all the stuff I really need to ‘Keep’.  So for different interests and hobbies I have different TiddlyWiki’s set up.  So that way if I need a recipe I can look it up in my [[Not Yet Created Recipe TiddlyWiki]], #heheh.

If you want to learn more about TiddlyWiki check out my Five Steps to TiddlyWiki 5.  This step by step tutorial will get you up and running creating Tiddlers and TiddlyWiki’s, FAST.

Reducing my Physical Foot Print

In addition to reducing my footprint by going digital I am also selling stuff I no longer use or that I found during the reduction process.  I found a bunch of DVD’s, TShirts, and of course a BUNCH of Balls.  I am also selling electronic stuff like my DLP Projector and Audio gear I no longer use.  So make sure to check out my Ebay Page for everything that I am reducing.

What is coming up?

I am working on creating a book based on my experiences as a Flow Artist.  I will be creating a Kickstarter to help fund this effort.  The book will take my 25 years experience as a Flow Artist and distill the concepts and apply them to every day life for everyone.  Being able to think outside box is very helpful when you live inside the box, #heheh.

I will post when the Kickstarter goes live until then make sure to “Subscribe to the Blog” so you can be notified when it comes out.