Contact Juggling Day

Today is Contact Juggling Day!

So the blog post theme today is contact juggling.

For me, today is a celebration of an art form that combines dancing  and prop(s), with gravity as your silent partner(props make noise or make you make noise :) ), in other words, Gravity Prop Dancing(TM) heheh.

My flow journey started with the words ‘I call it contact juggling‘. Thanks James for my first steps on this journey and for coming up with a name that can include so many things.

So if you haven’t already, go grab a prop, go out, or stay in, and make your prop float all over your body.  Spin it, roll it, and even throw it.  Connect with what you are doing and move beyond gravity and the prop into a place many call flow.

I am excited to share more of this art in future blog posts.

For now I am going to go play with a sphere, roll a fushigi, and spin a metal.  I will be enjoying dancing with props using gravity as my partner, or in other word, I will be contact juggling.

Happy Contact Juggling Day 2014 Everyone.

Rich Shumaker