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With my FB Live Flow of the Round Season #2 just around the corner I have been throwing Insta Punches & YouTube Round Houses.

Document Don’t Create(#DDC) & 1 > 0(#1>0 or #OneisGreaterthanZero) have been the Mantra.  Showing more of what I do each day and doing it more, more, more each day. I need to say thanks to GaryVee for everything he does every day & all the help he has given me.  I created my own EQ Learning system to help me learn more about me and it is because of Gary Vaynerchuk.  THANKS AGAIN GARY VEE YOU ROCK!!!

Check out some of the documenting I have done and please follow me on Instagram & Subscribe to me on YouTube to keep up to date.

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11 11 11 11 11

As you can tell I have not spent much time creating these blog posts recently.  As I said before I don’t like to write.  I am a good typer a bad typist and more horribler Engliz person, heheh.

What have I been up too instead of creating blog posts here? Actually a lot.  I have just done a bad job of DOCUMENTING it.  So here we go.  I have created a new weekly flowshop for my new Facebook group, Flow of the Round.   This is my Contact Juggling, Sphereplay, Dynamic Object Manipulation style and philosophy in a flowshop(A flowshop is a workshop that is based on flow).  This is a weekly Facebook Live production using vMix.  The first 13 weeks I used vMix HD Basic and it was AWESOME.  I took the format and did my best to blow it up and out,  I had 4 crayons and I colored inside the lines and outside the lines till I had no wrappers left on the crayons.

The most recent FB Live show called ‘The New New’ has my new set up.  I have not fully exploited it yet.

I was lucky enough to go to Streaming Media West and I won a more advanced version of vMix and that is what has allowed me to jump up my production game.  I still want all the new techno gadgets like a new graphics card(NVidia 1080 would be amazing and even the 1050ti would work great), a new capture card(I only have 1 capture input right now), more lights, and of course BIGGER SCREENS. With that said, I don’t need them I just want them.  I will take what I have and push it to 11 and see what I can create.  When this box of 64 crayons are all worn down I will be ready for the next level.

BIG THANKS TO MARTIN SINCLAIR AT vMix for making my box of crayons HUGE.

If Out of Focus was the Goal I WIN. Martin you ROCK!!! vMix is AMAZING SOFTWARE.

Since I have this new set up I will be starting a HUGE new project soon.  I don’t want to tell you yet as it is not quite ready for prime time.  Hopefully when it comes out you will be just as excited as I am.

In addition to my FB Live flowshop I created a ‘professional’ page on FB.  I found out you can only have 5000 friends on Facebook, I am not there yet just planning for the future.  Instead of adding people I don’t really know in the real world I decided to create a FAN page for myself, Rich Shumaker Flow Artist.  This way I can keep growing and expanding without limiting myself in the future.  If you are my friend on FB please sign up to my FAN page so you can get updates on what I am doing.

I have started sharing my writing  on Medium.  I find this a great way to post things to the world.  My most recent article is entitled ‘You Quit‘ which discusses my last 9 to 5 employer and how it all ended.  It was really difficult for me to discuss this publicly and I was glad to have Medium to share it with the world.  As KJ my partner for life always says, ‘It all happens for a reason’ and I like to add ‘even if you don’t know why’.  This has been some of the truest words I have ever heard.

Which brings me to this site RSdC.  I am redesigning it to make it easier to find out about me, what I do, where I do it.  Ways to hire me, buy my stuff, and learn about all things in my world.  This blog will become more of a spot for updates.  The day to day will be handled with the tools that exist in the world.  I will tweet, instagram, musical.ly(if I can get music that is usable), post on my FB Pages, Medium, and of course do more YouTube.  Speaking of YouTube I am transitioning my editing software(wow I didn’t even know I made an editing pun till after I wrote it) to a new one, this will be editing software #6.  I had several hard crashes in the middle of projects which stopped production completely.  My options are to bang my head in the wall more with my old software or get new software.  I am choosing new software.  Unfortunately this comes with learning curves and also new headaches.  Wish me luck on this one.

Oh and if you haven’t noticed the title yet, heheh, it is 11 11 11 11 11.  In case you didn’t figure it out on your own here is the secret.  Today is November 11th or 11 11.  Twice today the clock will read 11:11 and if you watch the second hand it will read 11:11:11.  Put those together and you get 11 11 11 11 11.  Oh and I usually try to celebrate 11 11 twice a day if I can.  I have an odd fascination with the maximum number of the same number you can get on a clock.  I know if I liked military time it would be 22 22 22.  Unfortunately there is no 22 22 month so 11 11 still wins that race, heheh.

Finally the thing I have been working the hardest on recently is Temet Nosce or Know Thyself.  The more I learn about me and how I tick the better I can turn that into AwesomeSauce for the world.  I hope to be able to document this journey to help myself and others that might want to Temet Nosce.

Drop me an email, text, leave a message here, or on any social media, I would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing 11 11 everyone.  Be Awesome, Make Awesome, Watch Awesome, You Are Awesome!!!

Rich Shumaker

Blog Style 2.0

I dislike words.

I dun got(did that on purpose) a 23% for an entire marking period in High School English.  A marking period was 1/5 of my total grade.  I really don’t like reading or writing and so I didn’t do it and boom, 23%.

So why is this important to this blog?

I was forcing myself to do something that I didn’t like and it didn’t come natural to me.  I consider it a win for learning and a loss for not continuing to do it(Quitters Never Win).   So I am back to try it again with this new style.  This leads to an important life lesson.  If you don’t like to do something either find a way to like it or DON’T DO IT.  So you are probably thinking ‘Hey Rich I don’t like work so should I stop doing that?’.  My answer is YES.  Get another job or learn to like the one you have.(Side note –  If you quit your job and can’t support yourself and your family because of what I just said you are a ridiculously silly person.  Find another job or do a second job you like while you keep a roof over your head.  Or like I said LEARN TO LIKE IT.)  This leads to me changing what I didn’t like into something I do like with this blog.

Moving forward my blog posts will be more of a Life Journal Style blog post.  What has Rich been up to and where is he going and why?  Putting context to the content that I create everywhere.   I am creating content across all the platforms I use, and there are many.  This blog will be a run down of what I have been up too and you will start to see the themes that are important to my life and hopefully yours.  My themes will hopefully resonate with you and bring you back over and over and over again.

Favorite ‘New’ Site, Musical.ly – Direct Link to video below.


RatAtatTaT by @richshumaker Fingers a flying Thanks @garyvee for the video about musical.ly

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The goal of any interweb activity is to interact with people in a meaningful way.  Interweb is what I call the internet activity I do as my life weaves together on a network like a spider creates a web across the digital universe.  The interweb is not a vacuum that you throw stuff into and never see again.  I do it to create discussions between myself, you, and the world.

Which leads me to what I have been up to this week.

I wrote a Medium Story, did a Facebook Live video for my Weekly FlotR Workshop, Twitter Posts #500, and an Instagram post or two. People really love their coffee!!! I say that as that has been my most liked Instagram post in a while.

Awesome #latte #coffee today at #commissary – I don't usually post food shots except this was #AwesomeSauce Thank U!!!

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Hey wait you wrote a Medium Story but you don’t like to write?  I wrote a Medium Story to try the format out.  I wrote a Medium Story because I am passionate about what I wrote about, Gary Vaynerchuk.  I will write things and use Medium to do it.  I may write one a week for a month, then skip a month, or do 3 in a week, we will see.

I was called a BOT this week in YouTube land.  I need to work on that.  Either start making R2D2 sounds or start sounding more human.

Cinematography Database

LOL Ok so you area real person. Just so you know, that first comment looked like a bot. 100% looked like a bot.

Last but certainly not least, I am not doing shoes on this blog for a bit.  Why?  I figured out that I love the look of shoes when I am out and about.  I didn’t enjoy researching shoes and figuring out all the ins and outs of them.  In the future I will bring shoes back to this blog in a new and exciting way, as I really do love them, a lot.

Be Awesome, Create Awesome, Live an Amazing Life in Every Way.

Rich Shumaker

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Mish Mash BMF Survival and More

First and foremost I survived the Blog Familia Mafia Post.  Weird I would post about that and then drop off the face of the planet.  No there was no funny business unless you count taking time off from blogging, heheh.

This blog post has a little bit of everything. Strap in for the ride.

Contact Juggling Day 2015

Sunday 10/11/15, was Contact Juggling Day 2015.  This is the 5th year of this awesome day.  Contact Juggling Day is held the second Sunday of October.  Shockingly, I did a bit of CJ on that day and filmed it.  Next year in 2016 I will be doing some type of ‘event’ for the day.  I hope to make an announcement in an upcoming blog, stay tuned.

In my CJ Day video I did Vertical Spinning this year.  That led me to think about previous years and how I started on the vertical path.  It all started from upside down spinning.  Recently I figured out the best reason to learn upside down and I discussed it  over at the Flow of the Round(FlotR) Facebook Group.

So, Why should you spin upside down?

The answer, besides the obvious that it is great for your hands, is that it is great for massages.  After a long day training, it is really nice to have your muscles massaged by upside down spinning spheres.  Just remember that you should NOT go over the spine, ever, JOLT.

Technology Time – iPad Pro is it really Professional?

I have an iPad 2 and I have logged more hours on it than any other ‘computer’ I have ever owned.  Even the game systems I have owned have seen less time.  Why?  Because it does so much stuff and does it so well.  If you had told me 20 years ago that a $0.99 app(they were called programs at the time) from Moog(price was a deal they had when it first came out and it was a STEAL) that would allow me to have a Moog anywhere I go, I would have LAUGHED AT YOU.  Now I have that and about 100 other apps that make my jaw drop all the time.  Slow down a solo or have a text talk to you in a British accent, not to mention having a full audio and video production suite in your hands, pretty AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!

So why knock the iPad Pro?

It has a really fast processor and a really big screen.  Doesn’t that make it a Pro model?  Well maybe for some that does.  For me unfortunately those things do not make it a PRO model.  I needed answers about Professional things I would use it for.  So,  I went straight to the source to ask some ‘real’ professional question.

Hey Apple Rep does it support ProRes(which is Apple’s Pro Video format)?

The answer from the apple rep ‘NO it does not’.

Does it support external drives?

Again the answer is ‘NO it does not’.

I stopped after 2 questions as I was concerned what else they might say.

So while the iPad is Pro sized and Pro priced and has a Pro speed.  It lacks what I need to use it in a Pro setting.

Bigger and More Expensive, is it worth it?
iPad Pro

So what does a Pro Photographer do?  You dump images to a drive and then edit them and then print out to the printer.  You could dump the images to the iPad Pro.  You would probably run out of room before you run out of photo shoot data.  Good luck getting a pro printer to print off the iPad Pro easily.  Meaning the iPad doesn’t handle a Pro workflow for images.

Lets talk about video then,  if it can’t do ProRes Video then it is pointless to talk video(that was fast).  Sure I have the editing programs and I could load up my ‘Transcoded’ footage and ‘play’ with it.  I just would see this workflow as a detour.  Great for novelty purposes but I will tell you that transcoding is a PAIN IN THE BUTT and very TIME CONSUMING.  Both are things that professionals pay money to avoid.  Love the iPad don’t think they can put the PRO after it until it can do more than just ‘apps’.  Give me a Thunderbolt connector and full programs like Final Cut and Lightroom then we might be able to talk.

I might have missed something about the iPad Pro that someone else has found so please let me know your thoughts and ideas for making the iPad Pro a truly Professional Tool. 

Speaking of Pro’s they like to save time, money, and making the process more streamlined.  CFast 2.0 the newest darling of the Digital Film Revolution is also the most expensive one as well.

Then Along came C-Box Systems

CFast 2.0 is the newest standard to come out for portable digital film camera storage.  Think of it like SD Cards on Crack.  One 256GB CFast 2.0 card at B & H is a mere $660.00.  How reasonable(sarcasm drips from these words).  The normal memory paradigm is they all start expensive then with volume they will come down.  SD Cards were once more expensive then this.  So what is the big deal?  Just wait the price will drop.  The big deal is that it probably will not drop anytime soon.  Unlike SD cards the CFast 2.0 cards are not used in many things.  The real kick in the pants to CFast 2.0 cards is that SSD’s(Solid State Drives) with equal or better specifications are much cheaper.  1TB (That’s 4 times the storage) is $450.00 for a Professional Sandisk drive.  So if someone could make a CFast connection to SSD then that would be awesome.

SSD on CFast 2.0 systems
CFast 2.0 to SSD Set Up

Well a company did and I have a feeling someone else will copy this idea.  C-Box Systems did a Kickstarter and raised enough money to make this a reality.  You can order one now and if you have a camera that uses CFast 2.0 then you will save money immediately.  2 1tb drives and the C-Box System cost about the same as Two 256gb CFast 2.0 cards, WOW!!!

Now I just need to get one of them Fancy Pants Cameras to use with this solution.  Any Fancy Pants Camera will do I am not picky, heheh.

Don’t forget to celebrate BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY!!!!!

Make Sure to Celebrate!!!
Make Sure to Celebrate!!!
October 21, 2015 is the day and if you have Amazon Prime you could easily watch all 3 Back to Back to Back.  Or just the Original.  Oh and here is the website devoted to the day.  Counting Down as we speak, I mean type.

And now for the important thing SHOES!!!!!!

Classic Metal Heel
Stiletto Heel



This week is all about the Stiletto Heel.  I like the fact that a shoe is named after a weapon.  I am sure more than one stiletto heel has been used as a weapon.

They need to outlaw this shoe, JUST KIDDING!!!!  This shoe is amazing in so many ways.  I will need to revisit this shoe with a gallery of people wearing them in style in a future blog post.  So please send in your photo’s of you in them and I will keep an eye out.

So I ask you my reader

Do you attend or participate in any yearly events and if so which ones?  Have you attended a once in a lifetime event?

What electronic devices can you not live without in this modern age?

Have you ever worn Stiletto heels and did you like them?(I would love to hear from Men as well as Women on this one).  Don’t forget to send in your images!!!

Thanks for reading my post.  Don’t forget to share it with your Friends and Frenemies.

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Be Awesome, Make Awesome, Watch Awesome, You Are Awesome. Find that inner SuperHero and Fly with it (or whatever your Super Power is).

Rich Shumaker